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We’re doing everything that we can to serve the increasing number of people who require mental health care, but we need your support. That is why we are searching for the greatest therapists to represent our growing team.

We’re dedicated to being an equal opportunity employer, and we always welcome applicants from people of all backgrounds and nations.

Being a part of Direct-Therapy is about being a part of something amazing and unique.

We are dedicated to providing first-rate client-centered, safe, and effective services at Direct-Therapy. Everything we do revolves around our clientele. We sincerely invite you to apply if you want to be a part of our compassionate, professional, and inspirational team.

Being a part of Direct-Therapy entails a dedication to improving mental health and well-being. We accomplish this by ensuring that the facilities and services we offer are of the greatest possible quality – not just for the people who use them, but also for the people who work so hard to deliver them.

We are dedicated to guaranteeing the happiness, motivation, and diversity of our employees. We value the unique viewpoints and ideas that experience, culture, and background may bring to fresh perspectives, ensuring that we can continue to improve our service delivery.

The job you do will have a direct influence on people’s lives, so if you’re eager to expand your horizons and are energised by the prospect of making a substantial contribution to our organisation and sector, this could be the solution for you.

Why should you join us?

  • A wide range of cases

  • Have the ability to collaborate with clients for long or short periods of time.

  • Hours are flexible.

  • Clients can be added to your existing NHS or private clinic job.

  • Clients who are both exciting and diverse.

  • Collaborate with people from various backgrounds.

  • As a company, we are expanding.

  • It’s an exciting moment to be a part of a rapidly expanding company.
  • A steady, competitive source of revenue.
  • For the important work you’re performing.

  • Technology on the cutting edge.

  • Our cutting-edge platform is built to make your work a lot easier.

  • Working from afar.

  • You’ll have much more time to do the things that count, now that you’re not commuting.

We’re on the lookout for

We’re on a quest to show more people how counselling can change their lives. And we’re going to need the greatest folks we can locate to assist us.

We are also not like any other therapist advertising website. As a service, we have high expectations for those who choose to join us. The clinicians we accept must share our beliefs and commitment to provide high-quality treatment services in the private sector to the population.

Finally, we are committed to providing outstanding service to our customers.