Values, Mission and Vision

Our vision

Direct Therapy wants to make reaching out for emotional support and mental health help as commonplace and accepted as reaching out for general health issues are. Your brain and heart are the keys to your survival so its as important if not more so to ensure they are getting the best quality support and treatment as you would give the rest of your body.

As a popular business of independent counsellors and psychotherapists, we aim to be a centre of quality. We are widely known for our extraordinary results and the excellent assistance we offer clients.

We likewise value and support our very qualified and skilled personnel, and nurture and develop emerging therapists all of which receive regular ongoing training and development as well as a minimum of the recommended amount of professional supervision each month.

Our objective

– To offer a distinct service by incorporating flexibility, choice of location and a wholly collaborative approach to the client’s therapeutic needs.

– To provide quality therapy by maintaining the stability of our export requirements and scientific quality

– To handpick experienced, insured, professionally trained and BACP registered therapists and counsellors.

– To guarantee we constantly prioritise client wellness and concentrate on client fulfilment